About Creative Alternatives

Research has shown that the arts can help improve a person’s wellbeing and reduce the symptoms of anxiety or depression. This is even more important in recent times where so many people are feeling even more isolated and stressed post-covid and during the cost of living crisis. It’s for this reason that St Helens Council’s Public Health Service continue to fund this initiative as part of their remit to help people in the borough stay well.

Feedback from our participants to date says that Creative Alternatives has been a lifeline to them during a very stressful time in their lives. Whilst many people had initial reservations about taking part, it has really helped to boost their confidence because they overcame a fear and took a risk on taking part in the programme.

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One of our participant’s said, “I have found the Creative Alternatives programme very relaxing. There are no constraints within the creative artwork and this has had such a positive effect on my anxiety. It gave me something to look forward to each week, meeting lots of different people and getting me out of my home environment.”

Creative Alternatives forms part of St Helens Council’s Cultural Hubs, Arts in Libraries Programme, which is supported through funding from Arts Council England. The service is free to access and all the workshops are led by people trained in arts and health programmes.

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So whether you or your patient/client is a complete beginner or someone who enjoys being creative but might have lost their confidence, it really doesn’t matter. The emphasis is on relaxing, enjoyment and trying out activities in the safety of a non-judgemental group that can help focus their mind and make you feel more connected with other people who understand what it’s like to live with poor mental health.