Benefits of The Arts

“From Hippocrates to the industrial revolution, the value of a rounded creative and imaginative life to bodily and mental well-being has been taken as a fact. Now we in the UK are rediscovering that wisdom by linking art with health in social policy and strategies that are influencing the international debate.”

(Arts Council England, Department of Health & Culture Northwest, Cultural Medicine, 2005)

Benefits of ArtHealth is more than measurements and targets. Healthy human beings are creative beings. At Creative Alternatives we believe in a holistic approach to health care – and we believe that rekindled meaning, creativity and imagination play a central role in every individual’s journey towards health.


How does Creative Alternatives help?

  • It increases confidence and self-esteem
  • It helps people to develop social skills
  • It helps people build new friendships
  • It boosts motivation and energy levels
  • It offers time out from the normal routine
  • It provides structure and pattern
  • It gives a sense of achievement
  • It enables people to move on to further education, volunteering and employment

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