What’s the evidence for impact?

Well-beingWithin the arts community it has been widely accepted that arts practice induces change on political, social, and even more so on individual levels. We know that artistic activity has positive, transformative effects – and in more recent years there have been more systematic and controlled studies of these effects.

For a review of the medical literature on arts and health, Dr Rosalia Lelchuk Staricoff’s (2004) Arts in health: a review of the medical literature offers a good starting point. Arts Council England also maintains a live document, drawing together evidence on the impact of the arts in education, health, criminal justice and regeneration. A good list of resources can be found online: www.artsforhealth.org/resources

Well-beingFor further research evidence on arts and health projects please see our links section, where you can also download our own programme reports, giving specific details on how Creative Alternatives benefits people’s health and wellbeing.