Our Programmes

Creative Alternatives currently offers a regular programme of visual arts and creative writing activities that can help to rebuild confidence and improve mental wellbeing for people experiencing mild to moderate stress, anxiety, depression &/or low mood.

Whilst creativity is at the heart of what we do, the emphasis is on enjoyment, meeting new people and having some time to relax in safe and non-judgemental environment.

Our groups are led by professional artists trained in arts and wellbeing, who will support and guide you through a themed project using different creative techniques. Our sessions also can sometimes incorporate a short mindfulness meditation which can help people to feel relaxed and focus on the creative process.

Anyone interested in taking part doesn’t need any previous artistic experience or qualifications; the programme is about using the creative process to focus the mind and express ideas that are guided by the artists. It’s not like a formal learning course and there are no qualifications or assessments involved.

For more information and details go to ‘Our offer in St.Helens’ and ‘Our offer in Sefton’ pages.