Labyrinths for Wellbeing

Well-beingIn Creative Alternatives we believe that a deeper connection with nature plays a profound role in sustaining personal health and wellbeing. We strive to create activities and projects which provide opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation in Sefton’s unique coastal landscape. Our ‘Labyrinths for Wellbeing’ initiative combines the benefits of outdoor activities with the profound restorative and revitalising effects of labyrinths. Throughout history, labyrinths have served as meditative and contemplative tools, aiding personal discovery and spiritual re-alignment. Unlike mazes which are designed to get one lost, labyrinths have only one path, leading the walker safely to the centre and back out. In recent years, labyrinths have been rediscovered as effective tools in therapeutic and personal development work. For more information on labyrinths we recommend you visit The Labyrinth Society and The Labyrinth and Maze Resource Centre.

In Creative Alternatives we engage with the theme of labyrinths, building and walking temporary (indoor and outdoor) labyrinths, as well as creating small labyrinths as paintings, drawings, mosaics and jewellery.

Between 2012 and 2013 we worked with Sefton MBC’s Landscape Services and created two permanent labyrinths in Southport’s Hesketh Park and Netherton’s Marian Gardens which are now open to the general public. We invite you to visit them and walk them! Below is a picture of our Hesketh Park Labyrinth in the making.