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How to get involved in our programme in St.Helens – the referral process

All referrals are dealt with in the first instance by the Project Coordinator, Helen Holden. You can contact her directly on 07745 590 698 with any queries.

Referral via a professional

As a professional you may refer your patients/clients to Creative Alternatives by completing our referral form. By professional we mean a GP, Occupational Therapist, Social Worker, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Nurse, Doctor, Counsellor, or anyone working in the voluntary and community sector. Please also read the referral guidelines to ensure your client is suitable for the programme. If you would like to know what stage your client is at in the referral process please contact Helen Holden on 07745 590 698


If you wish to get involved with Creative Alternatives please speak to a professional you are in contact with (listed above) and request that they refer you to us as explained above. Or you can contact us directly by phoning Helen Holden or by submitting the self-referral form.

What happens after referral?

Helen Holden will post programme information to all people who are referred and request that they make contact with her if they decide to join the programme.

There will be a taster workshop facilitated by the team, this is an informal opportunity to chat about what the programme offers and to take part in some simple and fun creative activities. This will be followed by a telephone assessment to ensure that the person is suitable for the programme. If the person is suitable s/he will be offered the next available place at the workshop location of their choice.

Prior to beginning the workshop the person will be invited to attend a group welcome meeting, facilitated by Helen. This allows us to formally book you onto the programme and offers you an opportunity to ask any questions and meet other new group members.

Please note!

Helen works part-time on this programme (1.5 days per week) but will do her utmost to get back to you within a few days of your enquiry. If there is a high demand for the programme we will work on a first come first served basis but it may mean any new clients will need to be added to a waiting list to join the workshops.