“When I first signed up to Creative Alternatives, I was in a really bad way. I had only been to one other group since attempting suicide and had basically been house bound for several months I was anxious going but the project worker, Sheryl, met me outside at the library and she was very welcoming. I just needed to have a reason to get out the house. I didn’t expect anything transformative, however I learnt so much. I learnt how to communicate and how to do several crafts as well as mindfulness. It opened my eyes to what I was capable of and I will be forever grateful for their support and constant assurance.”

Tamsin (Creative Alternatives – 2017-18)

“Creative Alternatives gave me a lifeline and helped me begin a creative journey for myself. It gave me a reason to get up and have a shower, if only for that one day. I found I could be a part of society, I could stick to a routine and I could enjoy and find pleasure in what I was doing. The other people on Creative Alternatives made you feel not so alone in your struggles, accepting you as you are no matter what was happening in your life. Creative Alternatives becomes like a family a safe place to be with people who really care.”

Nicola (Creative Alternatives, 2016)

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