What Participants Say

Here are a few comments from Creative Alternatives participants:

Social“I can go to a workshop and forget all my problems and it relaxes me.”

“You have given me a new lease of liveliness.”

“I have not felt judged and I know if I am unable to do some of the tasks no one will force me to do it and no one will judge me.”

“I am finding confidence to speak to strangers, to have opinions, and to find a little courage to face my fears. I am becoming more involved again and less withdrawn.”

Social“I’m mixing, getting out of the house, forgetting troubles, making friends and getting back to art which I really enjoy.”

“The sessions get me out of my house – which I was scared to do. The sessions lift my mood and it helps to meet other people who understand how I feel.”

“I think this could be a real milestone for me. Everyone was so welcoming and kind, and I feel I made some real friends. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshops. As I mentioned to you, I’ve done a great deal of choral singing in the past, but it is something I haven’t felt able to do recently. To sing again in harmony from music felt wonderful, and was a very important step for me.”

Social“I am really having a great time at the sessions and feel much more happy in myself after each one, also it gives me optimism for the future which is good ‘cos it was looking a tad bleak beforehand.”

“I like doing art because it helps me express something which is beyond words. Because it relieves me. I don’t have words for everything I feel but I can express my feelings through drawing or mask making. I always feel better afterwards.”

”I just want you to know how special and important these arts workshops are to me. They are a lifeline. They are the only moments in a week when I feel free to share and communicate. They draw my emotions, and make me feel vulnerable but somehow safe too. They give me a confidence to try to express some of my fears and deepest feelings, and there are always people there who are willing to listen and encourage.”